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Friday, February 16, 2018

Weight Loss Journey & Life Update

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Where have I been?
What have I been doing?
Let me tell you all about it.....

I guess you could tell I took a bit of a break from here for much longer than even I expected. I needed to focus on myself (refer to here to learn more about taking time for yourself).

So let me get right down to it.

In August of 2017 my husband and I went on a glorious trip to New Orleans. I loved every moment of it. However, when I got home I realized that I did love the photos that had been taken of me. I wondered when I had gained so much weight without realizing it. I had ignored the signs and continued on as I had for years. I was without energy and honestly, I just wasn't healthy. My weight at the doctor's office that next October was 221. I knew I had been around the 200 mark but I never thought I had reached to over 220. But I had. I knew something had to change.

A friend of mine,Keto_Chola, started on a Keto Journey and I monitored her progress. I loved what she was doing. She was such an inspiration and I started taking note of what I ate. Which was a huge amount of carbs. I thought this is the diet I need to try. I became friends with someone else who had been on the diet and thankfully to V she said she would be my accountability partner.

So without telling anyone (except V) I started it. Every day, every meal I would check in with V and make sure it was keto appropriate and input it into my Carb Manager app.

The first week, I lost a total of 5 pounds and could see the difference. So I decided to keep going.  Little by little I got the hang of it.

I decided to keep going.

I have now been on Keto (with a few cheat days I'll be honest) for a little over two months. I have lost 38 lbs and a whole lot of inches. I  finally have the courage to go to the gym, even though I know I look lost I'm trying. I have enough energy to play with my children (one who is currently sitting on my lap as I type this). I am finding clothes fun again.
Trying on a pair of pants that fit the beginning of December 2017. 

So I write this to say I will start writing more on my weight loss journey but this isn't the end of my good news.

I am also going through training to be a Certified Life Coach. I currently am certified as a Life Purpose Coach through Transformation Academy. I absolutely love that I have accomplished this for myself. I am working on a program now to help everyone live a more positive and purpose filled life. I can't wait for you to join me on this journey and I can't wait to help you start yours!

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Take The Time

Happy New Year Beautiful!

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t updated in a while. This originally began as an apology letter of sorts. I wanted to apologize for my lack of being around, at the same time I am not sorry for it.

As humans and especially as women we feel the need to completely tell someone why we were absent, we feel the unnecessary need to apologize for everything. I am urging you now to stop that.

Stop apologizing to everyone for everything.

I will be say that my absence was a big part of me figuring out who I am. Starting a blog at 23-24 and having it at 27 means that I have went through a lot of soul searching and changes. I am not the same person I was a few years ago, honestly, I am not even the same person I was three months ago. I had to get to the point of where I began to knew myself once again, before I could bring any quality content back to you. 

As we age, we seem to get to the point where other’s opinions of us don’t matter as much. We begin to find out who our true friends were and find new friends we never thought we would have. So much goes on in our lives that sometimes we must stop.

That’s what I was doing. I was stopping. I was finding out more about myself. I was spending more time with my family, my husband and my children. I was spending time reading books and mastering new things. I was trying to find myself. I have started eating healthier, I have lost 31 pounds. These are things I needed to do. I needed to take the time. 

And you know what? If you feel the need it is perfectly okay to do the same! Take that vacation and run off somewhere nice with your cell phone off. Turn down weekend plans and find yourself cuddled up with a book and big blanket. Let go of the hurt others have given you.  Find yourself.

In order to love those around us, we have to be in love with ourselves. I know that is cheesy, and has been said a bazillion times but it is also true.

It is 2018 ladies, and it is time to take control.

Take control of your lives. Your emotions. You.

Stop apologizing for needing to get away or anything else.

Have you had any time recently to get away? How have you worked on trying to find yourself?

Are you ready for a brand new 2018 with me? Because I am back and better than ever!

Are you listening?

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Are You Listening?

I know, I know.  If you are a mother, wife, or simply just a woman we are constantly dealing with listening to others. So I know that you are rolling your eyes at my question in the title. That question isn’t if you are listening to others, but if you are listening to yourself.

That’s right. This is probably the one time someone will tell you to talk to yourself, and not call you crazy. When was the last time you seriously talked to yourself? Not just the mumbled cusses under our breath for forgetting something, or reciting the grocery list.

Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking. - Bernard M. Baruch

Have you asked yourself if you are happy? If the answer is no, have you asked why? You need to. We go through life on autopilot a lot. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all. Sometimes we find ourselves wondering why are we so down, or why don’t we smile as much as we used to. It’s because you aren’t listening to your body, your soul, you.  

Why should you listen to yourself?
  • ·         You know you better than anyone.
  • ·         Ignoring yourself is a way of keeping your inner dreams quiet.
  • ·         You know what you truly want and need.
  • ·         It’s the only way to get to know yourself.
Why wouldn't you want to get to know yourself? You're awesome!

I know some of that sounded a bit “whacky”, but re read it. It makes a lot of sense. I mean who else knows you or what you want out of life better than yourself? If you ignore yourself, you ignore your dreams and desires. Ignoring those things are a serious problem, and something that must be addressed because those are what lead you to your purpose. Why wouldn’t you want to get to know yourself better? You are awesome!

So I’ll ask one more time.

Are you listening?

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3 Daily Habits To Have A More Positive Life

Tina Floersch

Life gets complicated. It gets messy. You get completely fed up and want to give up. I get it. But did you know, with three simple daily habits your life will change for the positive side! Seriously, it is that simple. You don't have to do a lot of leg work for these three steps either. (Win win!)  

(Just a little FYI I do mention Young Living's products because one they are awesome. And two they are the company that I choose to partner with so why not. But no, I didn't receive anything to say anything about these products.)

  • Wash Your Face Every Morning:  I know this seems like such a very strange request. I know. But there is something about washing your face every morning. Cleansing it to help rid of stress of the night before, the day ahead. It's nice and refreshing way to wake up. I personally love this soap from Young Living for my morning routine. It has a beautiful scent that helps get me up and going every single morning. (And also combines will with that coffee, we all know we must have.) -For more information on Young Living and a wellness Transformation click here.

Gratitude Is The Fairest Blossom Which Springs From The Soul  -Henry Ward Beecher
  • Begin a Gratitude Journal: This is a must for the end of the day routine. Get into bed, snuggle up under the covers and put on some fantastic relaxing music. Then pull out a journal. Start with simply five things you are thankful for. Every week I challenge myself to add five more things that I am thankful for. This really helps put life in a more postiive setting before bed, and it is always a good idea to know all the amazing and great things we have in our lives to be thankful for.  It is truly amazing how much reminding ourselves what we have how positive our world becomes.
Water Your Roots, So Your Soul Can Blossom.
  • Take A Quick 5-10 Minute Meditation:   I know what you are thinking. I'm not the type to meditate. Yeah, I wasn't either. The benefits are amazing though. It's great to be able to chill and breath and just have "quiet time" for yourself to think and discuss and whatever else you need. Be open and let the universe help direct you into a beautiful state of mind. I love putting on some essential oils and relaxing music. Sometimes I can only make it 5 minutes (okay maybe more like 2 minutes) but something is better than nothing. Trust me, you will thank me in the long run. 

It is important to take care of you, because without being taken care of you and your soul won't flourish which leads to a very sad soul and a without positivity. 

What things do you do just for yourself daily? Have you tried any of the things above? Let me know below or be sure to follow me on any of my social media accounts!

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Seven Places In New Orleans You Need To Go

A few weekends ago the husband and I were lucky enough to get to go to the wonderful place of New Orleans, Louisianna for our anniversary (married 3 years in case your curious!) . We had a phenomenal time! The city is packed full of all kinds of people from the new babies to our elders. The architexture is to die for and the food....well, lets just say that my diet went flying out the window that weekend.
Enjoying the beautiful Cemetery!

I wanted to give a few of my favorite places that you must go visit while in NOLA!

Louisianna, New Orleans, NOLA, Street Car, French Quarter
Enjoying our StreetCar Experience

  1. Lafeyette Cemetery #1- just a quick street car ride from the French Quarter this exquisite cemetary is gorgeous. The old monuments are breathtaking, and it is definitely a nice way to see past the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter. It is a free event and I think everyone should see it! 
  2. Chartres House:: Yall!!! This food is exquisite! What do I suggest? Either the muffaleta or the artichoke and spinach dip!You will not be dissapointed! Also, make sure that you eat on the balcony! It is such a beautiful view in the French Quarter! The wait staff was excellent and we are so happy we choose this for our last stop before leaving!
  3. Jackson Square: This place is booming! Everything from street performers to amazing little cafe's and art sellers. It is just full of amazing things to look at and a way for all of your senses to explode. There are so many fortune tellers, sword swollowers, and the cool kids that tap dance with cans on the bottom of their feet.

    Louisianna, New Orleans, NOLA,Cathedral, French Quarter
    I adore this photo of Jackson Square & The St. Louis Cathedral
  4. St. Louis Cathedral: Make sure to go when Mass isn't in session, because as long as it is not in session you can go in and view this beautiful sanctuary. The artwork, architexture, and ambiance of the whole thing is just incredible. I was excited to not only see the gorgeous building but even more when I realized that i could go l
  5. Boutique du Vampyre: This fun and quirky boutique is a must go to. The shop owners are beautiful and sweet souls! They have everything from candles to cool "haunted portraits". By the way, they have a owl candle that turns into a skeleton of an owl after it is burned, don't judge me but I really really want one! 
  6. Spirits on Bourbon:If you are a "Bar Rescue" fan, then you have probably seen this on the T.V. But this little place is super fun. With dualing pianos that create a lively atmosphere to their rockstar drink "The Resurrection". Make sure to grab one (even if it's just for the skull light up cup!) 
  7. Huck Finn's Cafe : I don't care what you do, you must must must try the alligator bites and get the "Extra Napkins" po'boy! It is absolutely delicious!!!! I could seriously have ate there the entire weekend. It was mine and Brian's first time to try alligator, and wow.... wow.  It was sooo delicious. We were recommneded this place by our concierge at the hotel and I'm so happy we went. Side note: if you order a NOLA Vacation Guide there is usually a coupon in there!
Brian enjoying his yummy Muffaleta

As you can see we had a glorious and fun filled time! I can't wait to go back, and truly neither can he! Just remember to wear your walking shoes if you do go!

Let me know if you have ever been to NOLA! I would love to have a list of beautiful new places to visit next time I go! Just post in the comments below or go visit my facebook or Instagram! 

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Positive Affirmations for Those With Anxiety

A while back ago, I did a pretty popular 10 Affirmations Every Woman Should Know. I’ve been thinking about how I could do some more! I love affirmations, I am a huge believer in affirmations and the power of positive thinking. Those that live more positivity do live longer, healthier lives.

I also want to mention that I have pretty serious anxiety. So for those with anxiety telling us “oh it will get better”, or “don’t worry so much”, its hard to live a positive life. It’s hard to tell the negative side of our brain to just go take a hike. So I get it.

But I’ve also learned that saying positive affirmations when I start to feel overwhelmed is EXTREMELY helpful!!!

So here are a few to keep in mind.

I can not stress this enough. Any mental or physical illness. You ARE NOT your diagnosis. Yes, some people may never get to do this or do that with that diagnosis, but that doesn't mean that YOU won't. You are ONE IN A MILLION! You are your own person, and by letting others define what you can and can not do is not healthy for you. So no matter what, go on and live your life the way that YOU want to.

How many times have you heard of people doing miraculous things? I'm sure it's been several. You can handle whatever it is that life that throws at you and you are stronger than you think you are. Yes, it sucks sometimes but you can and you will get through it. Don't let one moment define your entire life.

 Anxiety is all about "what ifs". It controls our world. I get it. But daily I remind myself to not let fear control my actions. Living in the world of what if is a scary place. It is absolutely not a place that you should try to stay in. Remind your self as needed that fear does not control you! You are in charge of your body!

I have to admit this has been a problem for me, even back in high school. I would literally "what if" myself out of going and doing something that I would enjoy. Yes, it was scary. Yes, the social anxiety usually made me break out in hives before I ever got there. But you want to know something. I discovered that once I got there I usually had a really good time and I was really happy that I even went. That's why I say to tell yourself it is perfectly okay to not want to go, but I fully recommend making yourself go. Push your limit. You will be happy that you did.

Do you have anxiety? Are there any affirmations that you use daily to help you get through? I would love to know them!

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