I was once that person...

July 20, 2015

You know that person,can be male or female, that judges the mom who has the screaming toddler on the restaurant or Walmart. I was that person that said "Why can't they just control their children ?" When I would come across a mom in town with a toddler begging for a toy, she's trying to shop while wearing a baby- I even said the dreaded words "My child won't do that." 

Boy oh boy if I only knew then what I know now. Luckily Monkey is growing out of his temper tantrum phase(don't get me wrong he still has his moments), and he can actually sit and eat in a restaurant. But I'm watching Bugs,as cute as he is now, and I know I'll deal with the same stuff too. 

I didn't know that the mom I used to judge would become me. When did I realize this? Probably the time when Monkey was about 2 and we went to a restaurant. I was so excited because it had been the first time if went out to eat in a long time. I had even put on makeup for the occasion! We had just ordered and the temper started. The tears where wailing and all I wanted was to eat my chicken nacho, which I ha changed from a sit down to a "to -go". I was embarrassed why was my child acting like this? I had tried to take him to the bathroom for discipline and tried to do everything I could think of to make him stop even offering ice cream after dinner, but nothing worked. It was then I realized hard parenting was.  

From the very beginning we are told all the opinions. Breast feed vs formula. Disposable diapers vs cloth. Spankings vs Attatchment Parenting. All while trying to swim in a new ocean with someone clinging to you. Everything is new. We all have to figure out what works best for our children. And what's best for some may not be best for others. Now I've learned to relax a bit and let things just roll. I'll even give that mom that's having a hard time in the store the "I've been there" smile as her kid is clinging to the batman toy that cost way too much. I try to make her know it doesn't last forever and one day you'll miss his little attitude. 

So this week I challenge you reading this to give words of encouragement to another parent you might see. Let them know how great they are doing, doesn't matter how the kids are acting because at the end of the day we are all in the same big ocean just trying to fight the tide. 

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