Marriage Monday

July 27, 2015

Starting today, I'm trying to blog at least twice a week. Once on Mondays, which I'm deeming "Marriage Modays" which I am by no means an expert. It will be everything from fun conversations to cute inspirational pictures either way it is a post about one or the most important topics in my life, my marriage. 

Today's post is pretty simple. Me and B will be married for a year in just over a week. It has flown by! Honestly, I can't believe it's already been a full year. It seems yesterday that he was just this guy that I was lucky enough to call a friend-let alone my husband now. 

To say it's all been easy wouldn't be true. I've had to get used to the fact that no matter what the man will not put the toilet paper on the dispenser and he's had to get used to the fact that I take my shoes off in random places-mostly not in the closet. 

We've had to learn how to be parents of multiples and how to manage finances because I started staying home.  But one thing I'm proud of, we haven't stopped flirting even in the midst of all our troubles. We still flirt and play around like we are still dating. It's great to still joke and laugh with each other. 

I think that's important. Once you stop flirting and laughing, I think that's when things have a potential to go wrong. Now I'm by no means an expert considering I'm only a year into marriage, but my post my opinion :) 

Another great thing we've learned to do is put God to the head of our marriage. Being able to have a strong support faith system had helped us a lot through the year. Sometimes it's as simple as my husband reminding me to pray if things are tough, or taking the kids to church. I'm happy with how our marriage is starting and blessed to be a wife.  

What is something you had to learn to accept during your first year of marriage? 

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