Spirit Saturday

August 1, 2015

As apart of my "post more" goal I've decided in addition to marriage Monday , to also have a Spirit Saturday.  This is part of my goal to get closer to God too so with that said, I have zero training I'm just speaking (or typing) from the heart. 
"Be still,and know that I am God;" psalm 46:10 

How many times have you heard this verse? It's a very common one, one I've heard all my life. How many times have you actually thought about what this verse is saying. 

In a world where we expect answers now, and instant satisfaction- we don't like to wait. Don't get me wrong, it's not one of my favorite things either. We get so worked up and try to do our own thug without truthfully consulting with The Lord. 

He wants to know our issues, not just the big stuff. He wants us to pray about the small stuff too; the paycheck that may not stretch, the sickness you feel in the back of your throat, or the fear of the new school year starting.  He wants to have a relationship with us, but with that being said he doesn't always answer immediatly(or the way we want). 

"Be still" 

He is simply saying, chill out. Stop worrying. Do what you can but don't start giving into sinful nature to make it happen. Believe in him and have faith, the answer may be a whisper. 

"And know that I am God;" 

Or as my mother would say, " I got this." A simple phrase that has always eased me.  I knew when that was said, no matter the problem, she was going to fix it. It didn't matter what it was. That is what God is saying. By knowing that he is, and having faith, he can achieve anything. He is the creator of mountains and lakes, do you think he is incapable of helping you solve your troubles? Because you shouldn't. Many times in the bible, it states you just have to believe and sometimes that sounds hard.  But just as I have belief in my mother, I have even more faith in God. For he can achieve anything. 

So when you get frustrated next time, and you feel like you can't so it- just remember this verse and say a prayer. 

What is your go to verse when you need a reminder that The Lord has your back ? 


  1. Love that verse. Great idea for the theme days.


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