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September 22, 2015

Raise your hand real high if you love cleaning! Oh really? No one? Okay well maybe there is one or two of you out there, but we all know you are rare. (And we all secretly wish we were like you.) 

Okay, now how many of you like cleaning with kids? Or do you feel more like this:

I know how it is! I'm not a clean freak and when you have kids (and a husband) you get to wondering why you even try. 

But I have advice for my hate cleaning friends: a cleaning schedule. I know it sounds strange, but it has helped tremendous amounts in my home. It makes it possible to do smaller amounts of cleaning, while your house always looks "tidy." 

Here is what I do: 

Mondays: The start of the week and the dirtiest day. I always start with The Kitchen. It's where I've prepared meals, where kids have gotten snacks, and my husband has made tea (he's the better tea maker). So it's a good idea to start there for me. Cleaning cabinets and floors, anything in the kitchen gets clean. 

Tuesday: Bathrooms. I have two in the house, one being strictly my sons. 

Wednesday:  Living Room

Thursday: Bedrooms

Friday: Floors. I always sweep/vaccum the floors in the rooms I'm working on that day, but this where I focus on those floors. I scrub and mop and make them shine. 

Daily Chores: 

  1. Dishes: put up/wash 

  2. 1 or 2 loads of laundry 

  3. Pickup 3x/day for 15 minutes 

I hope this will inspire you to create your own schedule, and maybe make cleaning not so much of a burden. Let me know some of your cleaning schedules. 

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  1. I love reading your blog posts! Most days I feel completely overwhelmed by housework, kiddos, working my small businesses from home (during naptime), and then working 4 nights a week at a local restaurant. I need to make a schedule too!


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