We Survived

September 9, 2015

We have survived the first few weeks of Pre-School. So far, monkey has had one accident report, one "fight", and got "fired" from his job. Boys, right?

The accident report was simply a small mark above his eye where a car him and other boys were playing with, jumped up and caught him. The next day, the mark was completely gone.

His first "fight", was very humerous. I went to the school to pick him up, and had Ryker in his baby carrier. A little boy, said "That baby looks like a puppy." Which I guess in a four-year-old's mind, was very mean to say? So Monkey quickly standing up for his brother, says "You don't say that about my bubba!"  The kid pushes Monkey, Monkey starts throwing fist(what can I say, he is his momma's child), and the kid gets a quick shot finger into Monkey's eye and it was over. The teacher handled it great, making sure they both got into trouble. Although a small part of me was happy to see that my child defended himself, I reminded him of how we try to keep our hands to ourself.

He was "fired" last Friday, when he wouldn't stop goofing off (he thinks he is the class clown). He wouldn't listen, so he was told he couldn't do his job for the day, which involves picking up the toys outside after recess. So on Monday, he worked really hard to get his job back and did!

He's coming home everyday, telling me all the things he is learning! We have survived, I was so worried and now I'm not sure why I was so worried. Besides being a goofball, he is smart and kind. His teachers enjoy seeing him, and compliment me on him everyday. It's times like this that make me a proud momma!

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