Why I'm Happy To Have All Boys

September 20, 2015

Boys are gross. They really are! I once stopped Monkey from peeing in the back of his toy dump truck,which was in te middle of his bedroom let me add. Either way, yes they roughhouse and want to fart on your face or pick their noses. I don't know why. But it's true.  I won't tell some lie about "oh no they aren't that bad". So far in the four and a half years and a total of three (four if you count my husband) boys running around my house, I have survived! Being the only female and I have survived! The boys have survived and so far no broken bones or long term scars. I don't think.


On a serious note, I wouldn't change it for anything, because there are so many positives that I think are normally ignored. So here are just a few of the reasons I love having boys! I worked hard to narrow this list down.

  1. Boys can be the sweetest creatures on earth:  Seriously, you don't know sweet until a little boy has picked you a flower. Maybe it's because little boys aren't expected to pick flowers or give you loves. But they do and when it happens-it'll knock your socks off.

  2. Never have to buy a dress: God bless my parents. They had to purchase three prom dresses, several sorority dresses, and my wedding dress. All of these dresses were probably wore one time and put into a closet and not seen again.  With boys it's simple rent a tux for about $80 and off we go!

  3. Shopping for boys is easy:  I don't care the season, the time period it doesn't matter. Nine times out of ten boys will wear jeans/shorts and shirts. The prints may change but it's still the same. There aren't dresses,tights,bows,shorts, what's in what's not in. Most of the time it is not that complicated with boys.

  4. I will always have help:   Let'a be honest, there are times a man is needed. Such as killing a bug,opening a jar or bringing in the groceries among other things. With my odds I will always have somebody I can call- to come kill those spiders that creep up outta nowhere.

  5. Always fun: tThere will always be laughter in a house with boys! They are wild, rough, silly, and beautiful little creatures. They love their mommas and can do anything they set their minds too! I have laughed more since I've had children then I have ever thought possible.

Children are blessings and we as parents always need to remember this. It isn't always easy but it's always worth it!!

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