After Bedtime Date Nights

October 6, 2015

Anyone else know what it's like to not be able to get a "date night"? When you have children, other obligations, work and who knows what else sometimes it's hard to find alone time. Here are five cheap date night you can have while the kids are in bed! 

  1. Movie Night: rent a redbox, pop some popcorn and make a floor pallete! Cuddling on a palate with your spouse will make it special because it's not just the same thing you do every night. 

  2. Star Gazing: maybe it's just a southern thing but we love to look at the stars! Grab the baby monitor, the blankets and drop that truck tailgate. Extra points for bringing cocoa and snuggling with your hunnie. 

  3. Spa night: Men sometimes don't admit it but they like to get pampered too. A spa night could include bubble baths,massages, or facials. Add some incense, dim the lights and you can turn your bedroom into a spa in no time. 

  4. Scavenger hunt: Now you may be thinking I've lost my mind with this one but do you remember how much fun you would have with a scavenger hunt when you were a teen?  Hide something inside or outside and have your spouse look for it. Be creative with this, it could even start that morning and end later. Totally up to you. 

  5. Miniature Golf: Red solo cups make great "holes".  If you have kids you probably already have a kiddy set of clubs (I know I did). You can set them up in different parts of the house or build as you go. 

Use your imagination, but don't let yourself use kids or money as an excuse to find some alone time with your spouse. Remember the best thing you can do for your children is to show them how much you love their mom/dad. 

What is some of your favorite indoor date ideas?


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