My 2016 Obtainable Resolutions

January 6, 2016

2016 Resolutions

New Years Resolutions.

Have you made yours? Whether you just say them in the back of your mind, or make them out load so people can hold you accountable. We all make them. We all want them to succeed. But how many of us actually make it? Promises we make to ourselves. Which should be kept promises but sometimes we stumble on them and give up all together. Well one of my resolutions is to make “obtainable” new years resolutions. Yes, I’m a believer that anything is possible with a dream, elbow grease, and God. But I also know what it means to set smaller goals before setting a large goal. They work better for me. Because let’s face it we couldn’t run before we could walk.

So my goals for this year are simple.

  1. Attending Church more: I read my bible daily; I do devotionals on the web. I pray all day long-but none of that makes up for not being at church. So why don’t I attend? I’ll be honest; it’s hard getting two kids, my husband, and myself up and ready for early church. Our church is about 40 minutes from our house, so that makes it difficult to. Yes these are all just excuses and this year, I plan to have all of us (Hopefully with our hair brushed and clean clothes on) in the pews at lease twice a month. I want to make it more, but once again I’m trying small goals this year.

  2. Becoming a better mother: Am I a perfect mother? Nope. Am I horrible mother? I would like to think not. But is there room for improvement, always! I want to learn to put other things on hold, and play cars in the floor more. I want to read them more stories. I want to just go outside and play for no other reason then they wanted it.

  3. A better stay at home wife: Once again, I don’t think I’m failing at this but I’ve learned we can always improve. I will admit I very very dislike housework. I am not the best at doing laundry or remembering to take the curtains down to clean. This year I’m working on that. My husband works hard all day to provide for this family. I know how much he loves coming home and being able to chill, and I’m lucky to say that when he gets home and after supper is finished the rest of the chores are split between us. We both get the boys ready for bed, we switch off who cleans up after dinner, and then when the kiddos are in bed we both rest for a couple of hours. Talking, playing cards, or sometimes just cuddled up on the couch watching TV. But this year I plan to be efficient and try to strive to see my housework as my work that I can be proud of .

  4. Finding purpose in everyday life: I see this everywhere. In fact, I didn’t really know what it meant. I still don’t fully. But I know that it means instead of getting lost in everyday chores, and running around it means taking time to smell the roses. Enjoy the small things. Enjoying life. It all passes so quickly that if we don’t try to find the purpose, we will find ourself at 65 having done nothing that we ever really wanted and find out that we are lost. I don’t want this. I want purpose.

I would love to hear some of your resolutions for this year. Health? Wealth? Success? Finding God? Finding Love? What is it that you want more for you life this year?


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