30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 1

March 1, 2016

Hello all you beautiful people! Yes you…you are gorgeous! For the month of March, I’m doing a 30 day blogging challenge that is full of fun and interesting questions for myself! I hope you will follow me along in this journey.

My Newest "Selfie"
Day One is simple about the name of my blog and a recent picture of myself. I wish I had this awesome awe-inspiring story about it, but unfortunately I don’t. “The Outnumbered Nest” came about two ways. I knew that I wanted to blog about my adventures in marriage and parenthood.  I am also slightly obsessed with Owls. I had a few options before I settled on this one and they where: “The Little Owl”, “Owl Family Adventures”, and a few more about that line. I’ve had several blogs since I was about 13. None of them I shared with anyone close to me, but this one I knew I wanted it to be more public. I wanted to step out of my comfort and be able to show the world how much I love to write. 

Naming a blog is hard. It really is. I didn’t want to limit myself by using something that I couldn’t venture out from. I wanted it to be able to incorporate anything: motherhood, my thoughts on things around me, Christian based, crafts, and marriage.  So one day when I was doing the dishes, yes for the record we don’t have a dishwasher and I hand wash my dishes, it finally came to me and “The Outnumbered Nest” was born.

It was simple as that, I started a beautiful wordpress.com blog with just a few clicks and there it was.  So my first four post are literally about my life: the boy’s birth stories, my engagement story, and a post about my wedding.  It was all there. Since then I have ventured out a little more and try to tell more about my everyday life.  With the recent move to my own domain, I see this place as a home.

What is the name of your blog? How did you come to find it? I would love to hear your stories behind it!

Love & Laughter

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  1. ;)) you brought back old memories. Well, for my blog I wanted something that is easy to keep in mind, but because I love French so much, I started with a french name and I realized it's not easy to pronounce nor common. So after a while, an idea popped up and it was great. At least I love it ;) it's #travelonrepeat

  2. Good Luck with the 30-day blogging challenge! I'm intrigued and have never heard of it before :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Great post, very honest and authentic. I'm thinking of doing a 30 day challenge on my own blog but have been hesitant but you make it seem so easy! I will continue to read the other days.

  4. Thank you! It's harder on the weekends, so I usually do a Sunday Catch up :) it's nice challenging myself. Thank you again, and I'd love to hear more from you!


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