10 Positive Affirmations Every Woman Needs To Know

March 10, 2016

It's Day 10 of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and I am so excited about today. It's all about positive affirmations. What are affirmations?

Affirmations positive and specific statements that help you get over negative thoughts. I’m really bad at self-sabotaging myself with a flood of negative thoughts when I’m faced with something. I’ve recently started trying to implement affirmations to help me get through the day. They are a way to help you visual and believe in yourself, and help make positive changes in your life and careers.

Suffering from anxiety, I've noticed how quickly I get "caught up" in all the what ifs of life, and more likely than not, the negatives. I have a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, because I'm too focused on how I can't see the walls beside me. I've noticed since I have wrote some of these on flashcards, or in my planner and read them through out the day I don't get as "negative nancy" about everything.  Some of these are for your career, some for marriage, and some are just because you need a pick me up.

Here are my top ten favorite positive affirmations:

She turned her can’t into cans & her dreams into plans.

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.

You are beautiful, and you can do hard things.

Your worst day will only last 24 hours.

I choose to see the good in everyone I meet today.

I know what I want in life, and the goals I have will come to pass. Any obstacles I will take head on and conquer them.

Today, I chose to  be grateful for my relationship and not focus on the negatives.

I choose to live my marriage vows, each and every day.

I am whole, complete and perfect. I am exactly where I need to be.

I am okay. I am breathing. I am alive. I am experiencing this moment. I release all worry, all thoughts of past and future. I am here, now.

What are some of your favorite affirmations? Do you use them daily? How have they helped you achieve your goals? 


  1. I love the first two - She turned her can’t into cans & her dreams into plans. Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try. They are both very powerful!

    1. Those are two of my favorite as well, thank you for reading!!

  2. This is a really great way to see the positivity in life and your day. Love this post

  3. I love the "I chose to be grateful for my relationship and not focus on the negatives", will definitely work on this ... ;)


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