Husbands Can Breastfeed Too

May 23, 2016

Easy, girl. If you're clicking on the title I’m sure you are here to tell me the anatomy of male and females and how your husband CAN NOT breastfeed your child. I get it. I completely understand that no, in fact, your husband can not breastfeed your child. However, I hear so many women say “I chose to formula feed so my husband can turn and bond with the baby.” While if it is your decision to formula feed go you. Seriously both have pros and cons, but don’t worry about your husband not bonding with the baby if you do decide to breastfeed.

I breastfed my oldest for a mere few months, before I switched him over to formula. With my youngest I was determined that I would breastfeed exclusively, and I made it a full 15 months (even while dealing with nursing aversion) before he decided to ween himself. Every small milestone I became even more determined to make it to the next. The journey started out difficult, and through the times the journey continued to be hard, but I learned many things through it, one of them being that yes my husband could be completely involved in the process.

  • ¨     The Water Fetcher: The first few weeks would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my husband taking this roll. There is something about breastfeeding that makes you feel like a camel out in the desert. You are THIRSTY! Always. So. Thirsty.  Once I would get the child latched and started nursing, B would go and get me drinks and a snack if I needed it. If I need anything he was my “go-for”. It was so helpful, and honestly it helped everyone out because there is nothing worse then starting to nurse and having to unlatch to get up for whatever reason.
  • ¨     The Sleep King: We all know how exhausting being a new mother can be. While I knew that I was nursing and bonding with the baby, I would worry about how could I get the baby to bond with my husband? The answer was simple, B would hold him while he slept or went to sleep. He would even take off his shirt and do skin to skin. I cannot talk enough about the beautiful and special things that doing simple skin to skin with a newborn can do for both moms and dads!
  • ¨     The Night Nurser: Okay, so your thinking “I will be the only one who get’s up with the baby at night.” Right? Nope. My husband was up right along with me, setting up the pillows, getting the water, and making sure that we were comfortable right along with me. He didn’t sleep very much in the first few weeks either. So no, you don’t have to be alone while you decide to breastfeed.
  • ¨     The Bather: I had a cesarean section, and I had a very hard time getting and moving around. So I couldn’t stand up for long bouts of time either. So instantly my husband became the bath giver to the child. This created special time for them to bond, and special time for mom to kind of relax and chill out.

There are so many ways that a father can help a mom breastfeed, and can bond with the child. I can tell you that fathers can make and break a breastfeeding journey, and there role in a child’s life is so important! Don’t let the fear of the baby not bonding with the father change your mind about your decision to breastfeed. Buggy is now 16 months old, and loves his daddy so much it makes my heart so full!

Did your husband become one of the above? Did you find other ways for the baby and him to bond, while you continued your breastfeeding journey? Let me know below!!

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  1. These ideas are helpful for new mothers who might be put off by the daunting task of taking it all on herself. Everything about parenting can be shared if both partners agree on sharing the work!


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