Five Inspirational Podcast You Should Listen To

November 9, 2016

When I first started learning about podcast, honestly I remember thinking how they were stupid. Seriously. I figured it would be some talk show boring nonsense, never did I realize how much I would come to LOVE podcast! They make a podcast show for just about every like and want. Here are my five favorite inspirational podcast. 

God Centered Mom: Heather is so awesome to listen to! She is an outnumbered boy mom too! The wife and mother of four boys, I just can't wait to listen to her podcast each and every Monday! I love her guest speakers! This is such a great podcast go check her out!

Living Life With Lauren: I've only recently stumbled across Lauren's podcast! I can not tell you how much I like this woman! Not only is she super sweet on her radio show, she often has giveaways on her facebook page. She is loud like me and I really think if you put the two of us together and a pot of coffee we could talk all night long.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage: This is for all the married woman like me! This is such a great podcast to listen to for marriage tips, advice, and whatever else. They cover almost everything! Toni and Alisa are a married couple of 20 years and they host the show together, so they are able to give a male and a female perspective. This is one of those that you can't miss out on.

Inspired to Action: Kat Lee has a voice that relaxes you. Seriously. I love to listen to her podcast about momlife at the end of the day, while I'm doing the dishes or cleaning up after supper. It is such a powerful and fantastic podcast that I know you will love.

The Productive Woman: Mom, wife, boss mom, or just a college student...who doesn't need a little help being a bit more productive? Seriously, this has so many tips on having a more productive day that I can't even explain all the awesomeness of this podcast! 

Well, there it is! What are some of your favorite podcast? Do you listen to any of these mentioned above? When do you listen to them? Let me know what you are thinking :D

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  1. These are great ideas!! I will definitely be adding them to my podcast list!


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