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The First Step In Finding Your Purpose

The First Step is always the hardest, here is yours for finding your purpose.

So many women are trapped in an endless cycle of the mindless tasks, and we are so unhappy. We do these mindless tasks and wonder why we are unhappy, we wonder why we become overwhelmed, and we wonder why we have such a short fuse. We struggle to see the purpose that God gave us and we don’t know why. We are doing what we are supposed to do right? Wrong.

Maybe you are doing what you are “supposed” to be doing, or have to do. But let me ask you a question, are you living purposefully? Wait, you didn’t realize that even if you might be living your purpose, you may not be living purposefully? I know… I know.. that sounded really confusing but it’s not.

As a mother,  I know that part of my God-given purpose was to be the best mother I can be to the boys that grew in my womb, that now sometimes make me want to  pull my hair out.  That doesn’t mean that I live my day purposefully always, and honestly some days I feel like I’m drowning. But I have noticed that living your day to its purpose is so important for overall happiness.

So what is this living purposefully stuff? It means waking up, getting stuff done. Doing what you need to have done in order to do stuff you want to do. It’s being scheduled enough to make the best of your day. It’s also allowing yourself to have days where you make zero plans and lounge in pajamas eating Doritos and playing legos with the kids. Living purposefully doesn’t mean that it won’t always be hard, but it will help you keep a mindset to not “dread” having to clean the house but be glad that you are “getting” to clean the house. Why? Why would I say something so crazy? Because believe it or not, there are people in this world that do not have a home. They would love to have a roof over their heads, and something to clean.  It would be amazing to have a kitchen to make messes in. Living purposefully is doing that. Being grateful for what you have, and knowing that it could be all taken away.

Tweet: Simply, living purposefully is LIVING LIFE ON PURPOSE, not by accident, or habits. It is taking each and every day and making the most of it.

Simply, living purposefully is LIVING LIFE ON PURPOSE, not by accident, or habits. It is taking each and every day and making the most of it. If you don’t like something then take control and change it. You, with God having your back, are in control of your life.  It is up to you to make the changes that lead to your success. A positive outlook, living purposefully, all of these things are destined to lead you to living your purpose. The first step is always the hardest after all... 


  1. Oh DeAnna, this is SUCH a great message. I am constantly trying to live a life of purpose and intention- and sometimes I get so lost in the tasks, I forget the value and magnificent blessing behind them. I love your heart and this reminder for us all. THANK YOU.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words!

  2. Great post! Being mindful is extremely important in our busy lives! Taking moments to appreciate where we are in life and our accomplishments big and small really help to energize our spirits!

    1. I agree! It is the big and the small things we should be appreciating! Thank you so much for coming by!

  3. I need to have a "lounge in pjs and play with the kid" day. Unfortunately, I really do have stuff that I need to do this week. I'm almost through it though and then (oh please please!) I can take a breather. Thank you for the reminder on making the most of our time.

  4. This is such a great post. I have to admit, I can easily got to the place where I'm living with purpose, but not so much purposely. I find that to be a real challenge much of the time. Thanks for the reminder that there is a difference between the two and the encouragement to be purposeful in the way I live.

  5. I love this! Such a good reminder to not just check things off a list but to be fully present within each task on the list!


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