A Look Into My Weekly Meal Plan

February 18, 2018

At the request of some I decided to start sharing my meal plans.  I want to start by saying that I am not a know all keto person. I am figuring it all out as I go along too. I am a mother and a wife, my family is not following my way of eating so most of my meals are just finding low carb options for food my picky people will eat.

I follow an 18:6 Intermittent Fasting routine as well. So what does this mean? It means I do not eat for 18 hours of the day. Usually means I am skipping breakfast. If this does resonate with you than do what you feel is correct. However, this means that I won't be sharing any fun breakfast recipes haha. I usually have coffee.

For lunches almost every week I purchase: pork skins, pepperonis, variety of cheese, broccoli, cauliflower,tuna and deli meat. I don't plan my lunches but I usually make pepperoni chips or meat and cheese roll ups.

This week however I am making stuffed jalapenos and some deviled eggs to throw in the mix for lunches.

For dinner we are having the following:

  • Bacon & Cheese Hamburgers: For myself I won't have a bun. I just toss my hamburger on a plate, add my cheese and bacon *warm it up, because everything is better if cheese is melted* then add pickles, mayo, avocado and mustard. Instead of fries I am going to fry (in coconut oil, because vegetable oil is a no no) radishes.  Super yummy and delish!
  • Breakfast for Supper: Nothing like a super yummy omelette. I will usually use bacon and pepperonis(or sausage)  with cheese add avocado and sour cream and love how yummy it is.
  • "Shake n Bake" chicken with veggies. Now before you panic, it is not real shake and bake. I coat the chicken in ground up pork skins instead of the actual shake and bake carby stuff! Coat it and throw it in the oven. Super quick. Super simple.
  • Taco Night! Now, I have several variations for taco night (one includes homemade taco cheese shells) but this week I am going to take my taco meat and stuff it into a bell pepper. Add cheese and bake! This will be the first time I am making it, so be sure to watch my instagram feed so you can see how I feel about it.
  • Salad! I love salad nights because it is literally just whatever left over meat we've had! Some of us may have a taco salad, I usually prefer a nice cob salad!
  • Friday night is eat out night. I love to eat out. This week I can tell I am already craving Popeye's Blackened Chicken Tenders! They are all the flavor of Popeyes with out all the guilty carbs. 
I hope hearing some of these ideas can help you find a way to still prepare supper but also be able to easily make substitutions for you to continue on your journey of healthy eating! Do you have some favorite low carb options? I would love to hear them below!! 


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