Un-apologetically Living Your Best Life

July 26, 2018

Sometimes you are more than some can stand.
Sometimes you are intimidating.
Sometimes you outgrow people.

Any of these sound familiar to you?

Has anyone ever said anything like this to you? If they haven't, don't worry they will. It is hard to take in at first but then you realize that it's not really you that is the problem.

When you start listening to your inner you, chasing the north star and living your best life, the people around you are going to change. Some will grow with you, but some won't.

It's okay to morn these losses, because frankly if you didn't go through them; you wouldn't be who you are today. Every. Single. Thing. is a lesson. It is either a lesson to make you stronger, smarter, wiser. Whatever the reason, it has made you into the person you are.

The good news about this.... if you don't like who you are currently, than you have full power to change it. You can. You just have to commit to the idea. You have to tighten the shoe laces and work past the hard stuff, because believe me there is always hard stuff.

And along the road you are going to hurt people's feelings. You aren't going to be able to make everyone happy. AND THAT IS OKAY! Believe me, I am such a huge people pleaser. I don't like to rock the boat and I really dislike letting people down. But the truth of the story is, you can never please everyone. If you constantly try, you will ignore yourself and thus continue to be unhappy with the life you are living.

You can't do that. You have to live YOUR life. And you have to live it un-apologetically. I'm not saying go out and try to do harm, but I am saying to live your best life without feeling like you have to apologize for it. Not all of your friends will grow with you, and in fact you may even have family members that don't understand. It's not their path, it is not their decision. It is yours.

Do you have a dream of something that you think other's will laugh at you about? Who cares, go on anyway. In your journey to be you, you will find your tribe. You will find your people. You will find those who support you.

We are in such a huge advantage for that because of the internet. You can pretty much go online and type anything in the search bar and connect with other people who think the way you do. You can make connections via social media. You can be you!

Do what you feel needs to be done. Take the chance. Go live your best life.

On your journey to finding yourself have you found that some of your friends didn't support you and eventually went on their own way?


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