Smokey Eye Tutorial

December 7, 2018

Hey! Now, while I am not a makeup artist by any means, I truly feel I have been rocking the smokey eye since before it was called the smokey eye. 

That is probably because I was that emo/scene kid in high school that loved using black eyeshadow. Except back then, I didn't realize the fine line between racoon eyes and a makeup look. 

But we live and learn right? 

Well, since starting with Beauty Counter I have tried my hardest to learn more techniques. This video shows one of my favorites- the smokey eye. 

The thing I love about makeup is honestly the freedom to express who you are! If your techniques aren't like mine, that's okay! If they are better than mine, that's amazing! 

I wanted to easily link the products that I used so here they are: 

Beautycounter products: 
Statement Eyeshadow Palette
Tint Skin Foundation in Sand
Volumizing Mascara
Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer

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The All Natural Face: 
Foundation Primer
Fix-It Setting Mist
Green “Patina” Concealer
Diva Stix Eyeliner In Kohl 

Shop for these items:

Find out more about the chemicals in your cosmetics and why I switched to natural brands!

What look would you like to see next?  

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