Heyy! DeAnna is a wife, boy mom, and boss lady. Wellness Transformation Educator. Motivational Coach.
"Faith It 'Till You Make It!"
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Hi there!!

I'm so happy that you have come across The Outnumbered Nest. I started The Outnumbered Nest in 2015, when I really wanted to connect to other moms looking for inspiration and trying to find their purpose in life. I had went from a working mother to a stay at home mom and I really didn't know how I fit into the family dynamics anymore. What I found was astonishing, I wasn't the only one who was trying to find their purpose. So The Outnumbered Nest changed from just a way for me to talk about my family to something that was actually beneficial to other woman and moms! But this is all grand, but you are here to read about me right? Recently, in 2017 I have switched The Outnumbered Nest to DeAnna Hill because my blog was no longer about just parenting and being a wife. It's about so much more!

I am a christian 20 something, December birthday, wife and mother.  I graduated from an Arkansas high school in 2009 and I obtained my A.S. in General Studies in 2012.  I love tattoos, coffee cups, my planner,  and almost any type of craft. I have two younger brothers and a much much younger sister! I am the daughter to some of the most supportive and amazing parents a girl could ask for.  While I am no longer breastfeeding, I will always be a breastfeeding advocate (read about my journey here, and here, and oh yeah here too)  and baby wearing enthusiast. Read on below to find out more about my family!

"God is within her, she will not fall." Psalm 46:5

My Family

Monkey is my oldest.  He is my spit fire, and my strong willed child. He is a miracle and always will be. He was my only light in a world of darkness for a long time and because of that we always have a special bond.  He amazes me with his imagination each and every day. His butterfly kisses are better than anyone's! He was born on May 24, 2011. You can read about his birth story here

Buggy is my last baby boy.  He was born January 9, 2015. He is addicted to mandarin oranges, strawberries, and momma's kisses. He looks identical to me when I was a baby. He has his daddy's hair line and his love of animals. I can already see his love for animals is going to take him far in life. His kisses are always so sweet, and their isn't a room that doesn't light up when he enters. His birth story is here.

Brian, also know as B, is my fantastic husband. I love being his wife everyday.  He is literally my other half and I am so happy that God put us together. He is a hardworking, family man, that always takes care of his family.  He is 16 years older than I am, and I know that is a shock to many people. If you are curious about our marriage you can read about that here on My May-December Marriage.
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