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So one of the amazing things about Young Living is the fact they know let you have your choise of diffuser with a purchase of a premium starter kit! Diffusing is seriously the best option to use the aromatic properties of essential oils. The ultrasonic technology used in these diffusers breaks down the Essential oils into tiny molecules that are dispersed into the air with the mist and ready to be inahaled! It's super quick and easy to set up and carry on about your day. You have the choice of four amazing diffusers: Home, Dew Drop, Aria, and Rainstone. Each diffuser is a little different from the rest, so I wanted to list below to help you decide!


One of the more classic diffusers, and one of it's most popular. It covers approximately 215 square foot (the size of an average bedroom) and has an intermittent diffuse setting so it runs 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. It's timed shut off allows you to diffuse for up to 5 hours continuously. The light can be left on or turned off!

Dew Drop

We love our Dew Drop! The beautiful blue glow creates the perfect relaxing night light! The light can be turned off though, if you don't care for it. The Dew Drop covers 300 sq ft. The best part about the Dew Drop is that it is not only just a diffuser, but also a humidifier and air purifier. With a time shut off, it approximately will run for 4 hours continuously.


This beauty is what dreams are made of! It covers 400 square foot, with a timed shut off and diffuses for 3 hours maximum. It has multicolored lights, multiple interval options, built in music and an audio port to connect to your own music! To top it all off, it also has a remote! This is such a beautiful and well needed diffuser that is sure to make your space beautiful and comforting.


I'm not going to lie, I love the look of this diffuser! It will diffuse for up to eight hours, covers 323 square feet with an automatic shut off. It has LED light setting and negative ionizer settings which also comes with a remote! This is what you need for all day diffusing and beautiful sleek design.

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