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July 29, 2015

Monkey has been needing new shoes for his upcoming first school year.  There are a lot of back to school deals and if you know me- I'm all about coupons and clearance so I knew we needed to go soon. 

Being his adorable four year old self, he had been watching TV and a sketchers commercial came on. You know the one where the kids are jumping on the roof and stuff in the light up shoes- well he needed those. 

So this morning, the three of us and my grandmother loaded up. We assumed we would run inside our local mall as they opened, head to the Sears and grab the shoes and be done before noon. Wow we were wrong. 

We went to Sears, no go for the shoes but my Nana wanted to browse so me and the boys went ahead to go to Payless to find them. As we enter Payless we get monkeys shoe size (a 13 by the way!!)  I notice him grabbing his pants and immediately look up at me with the eyes that say "my bladder is about to bust". And immediately blurts out,"I've got to peepee Mom-mom". 

Now we are in a mall which means a bathroom isn't on any corner and the closest one is back in the Sears. So I grab his hand, Bugs is still on my back in his mei tei and we start walking. This walk takes forever. He is literally holding his "peter" and saying "I can't make it !" While I'm begging him to hold it in. I mean honestly why aren't there more bathrooms in malls! A few parents and grandparents smile as we are making the long journey , and I know it's because they've been there. 

But low and behold we made it! He didn't have an accident and we continued back to Payless which didn't have the shoes. Neither did Goodies. Or Penny's. Finally we found them in our shoe depot and they were on sale. They weren't red, but they do light up so it's a win.  They make him jump high and run fast, which of course had to be tested before they were bought. 

I think every store should have a mommy bathroom, made specifically for moms with kids or pregnant woman. Just a thought. 

Any of you ever had a similar experience in the mall?  

[caption width="480" align="alignnone"] jax is enjoying a ride whils we watch:)[/caption] 

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