Give Thanks

October 29, 2015

When it rains,it pours. How many of us have heard this? I know it's been true for us this past month. It seemed if anything could go wrong it did-financial expenses,sickness, and even temperaments have all been less then beautiful this month. But,with the start of November things will get better. 

This month has reminded me to turn any grievances into gratitude. Through this time I've remember to be thankful for my blessings. It's not always easy to do. Satan loves to put doubt in a believers mind,and what better way then to cause stress. 

But through it all I'm proud to say prayer has gotten me through. Every night before I say anything else ; I thank The Lord for my gifts he gave me. 

  • My salvation

  • My beautiful children

  • My husband 

  • The house that keeps us out of the weather 

  • Food in the pantry

  • My supportive family

No matter what hardships we go through,there is someone in a more worse state and that is the reason I give thanks. I'm writing this post mainly because I felt someone needed to hear this. I feel like this will reach someone who needed to be reminded that God is with us,and he gives us blessings. He never leaves us,and there is no reason to be anxious. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

              -Phillipians 4:6-7


The Sock

October 26, 2015

I think that all socks for little humans should come up to their knees. I know I can't be the only one who struggles with keeping them on Buggy's feet. Everywhere we go he kicks them off, if he has shoes on-he gets the shoes off first and then BAM socks are gone too.

This usually isn't a problem,just annoying. Last Friday, the clouds had gathered and we were seeing rain for the first time in a long time.

I already knew it was going to be a long morning,because for Monkey's preschool we have to get out and go in to sign him in or out, no drop off lane for him. Loading them up wasn't to bad, and it wasn't raining to bad at the time.

In our seven minutes to get from our home to his school-the skies had opened and it was pouring down. I went ahead and had Monkey put on his back pack and coat ready to get out. I jump out and unlock Buggy and get him out, run to the other and help Monkey jump over the mud puddle. Then we run to the entry way,hit the button,wait for what seems forever for the door to unlock and go in.

I want to stop for a minute,because I know you are thinking about an umbrella. Honestly I just get even more wet when dealing with one instead of just using my coat especially since I've had two kids.

Anyways, I get Monkey settled in at school and start getting ready to run back to my uncovered car as now the rain was falling harder.  I buckle Buggy in the car as I'm hunched over and every small rain drop gets colder. I look at his feet and notice one of them is bare. His cute little toes wiggling at me. I have two options: abandon the sock and mourn it later or try to find it. I decides to abandon but as I look back there it is-the small white cotton sticking up from the dirty puddle up by the entry door.  I run quick to grab it, and jump back in the drivers seat. I was drenched! I seriously looked like I had just taken a shower-all over a sock that I could buy more of at Walmart easily. But when I saw it there-I couldn't leave it. Why? I have no idea!

Needless to say, I'm investing in knee highs or sock suspenders!

Pumpkins,Hayrides,and Sickness

October 20, 2015

October is my favorite month. I've always loved it, and honestly not sure why we didn't get married in October haha. We couldn't wait I reckon. I love the weather, the festivities, and of course all the pumpkin flavored things.

This past weekend we took the boys to the pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun. Tey had corn mazes, hay rides, panning for fools gold and even a cute animal show.  We had a lot of fun-until we left.

[caption id="attachment_139" align="aligncenter" width="224"]All smiles before we think the sickness week begins! All smiles before we think the sickness week begins![/caption]

We went to Cracker Barrell to eat, and while we were eating we noticed Bugs arm was red and broke out. I immediatly called the dr office,who honestly wasn't much help but that's because I couldn't describe what had happened. So two phone calls and a dr trip Monday morning we finally found out it's an allergic reaction-hives. Good news is that a little Benedryl and he's going to be okay.

Now lets switch over to Monkey. He went to school on Monday and when I picked him up claimed he didn't feel great. I assumed he was probably just tired. After we painted pumpkins, he comes to hug me and I realize how he is burning up. So I do the mom thing,grab the medicine and get him in bed. I check on him every two hours (B switched with me every other time to make sure I did get some sleep) and he's doing a little better this morning.

Needless to say this week has not been ideal, but that's okay. These are the weeks that make a mother a momma and a father a daddy.  With October comes all these great things, but I do not like the winter weather and sickness that comes with it. So keep me and my kiddos in your thoughts as we get through this and for a quick recovery.

After Bedtime Date Nights

October 6, 2015

Anyone else know what it's like to not be able to get a "date night"? When you have children, other obligations, work and who knows what else sometimes it's hard to find alone time. Here are five cheap date night you can have while the kids are in bed! 

  1. Movie Night: rent a redbox, pop some popcorn and make a floor pallete! Cuddling on a palate with your spouse will make it special because it's not just the same thing you do every night. 

  2. Star Gazing: maybe it's just a southern thing but we love to look at the stars! Grab the baby monitor, the blankets and drop that truck tailgate. Extra points for bringing cocoa and snuggling with your hunnie. 

  3. Spa night: Men sometimes don't admit it but they like to get pampered too. A spa night could include bubble baths,massages, or facials. Add some incense, dim the lights and you can turn your bedroom into a spa in no time. 

  4. Scavenger hunt: Now you may be thinking I've lost my mind with this one but do you remember how much fun you would have with a scavenger hunt when you were a teen?  Hide something inside or outside and have your spouse look for it. Be creative with this, it could even start that morning and end later. Totally up to you. 

  5. Miniature Golf: Red solo cups make great "holes".  If you have kids you probably already have a kiddy set of clubs (I know I did). You can set them up in different parts of the house or build as you go. 

Use your imagination, but don't let yourself use kids or money as an excuse to find some alone time with your spouse. Remember the best thing you can do for your children is to show them how much you love their mom/dad. 

What is some of your favorite indoor date ideas?

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