November 6, 2015

"Now, you need to stay off your knee for a few days for it to rest." That was the last sentence the doctor said to me as I left his office on Tuesday. 

Has this happened? Nope. Well maybe. But not like he would have wanted. I'm a mom-a stay at home mom to two wonderful, energetic boys. I still have to get up, get my oldest ready for school, take him and sign him into school (complete with baby on my hip), clean house and cook dinner. (I originally typed "supper" but my husband tells me that's extremely southern haha). 

Now B does help when he gets home, but it's just me for basically 10 hours a day while he works. I am so thankful he does what he does do when he's home though. He helps out, even though he is exhausted from work. 

I think doctors should write a prescription for a maid service when they want mothers to rest. Honestly! If I'm at home all I can see is what needs to be done.

So has my knee got any better? Not much,but the swelling seems to be going down some. Hopefully after some time it will get better, and I won't need any more surgeries or doctor visits. As of right now the doc wants me to get an MRI because he thinks it may be a tear in the ACL. So if you all could pray for me that would be great. Thank you so much! 

Oh, and how do you like the new look here? I'm still looking for someone to do a logo, but it's coming along. 

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  1. I love the new look! ;) I grew up saying "supper" too! Then when I moved to Little Rock, I felt like I needed to stop that because I people kept laughing at me. Those stuck-ups!! How dare they! (Wait, now I'm along B a stuck-up!)
    I agree with doctors needing to prescribe a Maid to us moms when we are sick! Here's just so much that needs to be done around the house!! I hope your leg gets better soon! 💗


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