But You're So Young

January 26, 2016

I’ve been on the Earth for twenty five years. (My fingers still want to type twenty three for some reason.) I am blessed or cursed depending on the day of having a “young” face. I’m that person that gets carded for anything. Oh you want to buy wine? Let me see that ID-and 90% of the time, they will do a double take and finish it with “you look so young.” Right now, it’s annoying but I’m hoping as I age I’ll start to love that aspect of myself.

If you are on any Facebook media and are in the age range of 20-35 you will probably have a million blogs come up about “things to do in your twenties”, “Why you shouldn’t get married in your twenties”, or “Why you should wait to have kids.”  Those are all fine and dandy if that’s your choice. As a mom, wife, and under thirty I get tired of seeing how “wrong” I am living life.Those posts will tell you to many things and to do this or do that. They will tell you the things you will miss out on if choose another way. I’m here to tell you-I went another way, and I love it.

Trying to get everyone still, is impossible.

When I am out and about with my husband and our kiddos, we get strange looks. It happens with our age gap, and my youthful face. It’s okay. I get a lot of “oh you have two kids- you are so young.” And even once was told by a woman, “Oh honey, you should have waited until you were older, you will regret the things you missed one day.”   I was 20 when I had monkey, 23 when I was married, 24 when I had Buggy. I wouldn’t change it for anything and let me tell you why.
You can't tell me, this isn't adorable!

I am thrilled that I have had my children young. I always wanted to have my children while I was young. I wanted to have my youth so that I could enjoy theirs. I wanted to be able to go and do, all the things that parents have to do for their kiddos. I also like knowing that when Buggy turns 18- I’ll only be 42. That’s young. All of these things that I’m “missing” out on- I plan to do when I am older and have more stable finances. 42 is not old anymore! Maybe I’m biased and say that because my husband is already 41, ha but either way. It’s not like I’ll be ready for the grave. I’ll have time to start a new life without toting around children. Due to the curse on females of my family, I had a scare and thought that I would have to have a hysterectomy after the birth of Buggy. So far so good- and I’ve not had to. However, that could change. It happened to my mother and many other women in my family and others that I know of. If my mother would have waited she would have never had me or my brother (I was born when she was 17 and my brother when she was only 22). So who is to say what God has in store for us. His plan is the ultimate, and I love knowing that if I should have to have a hysterectomy one day that the worry that I wouldn’t be able to have children anymore would not be a problem. My children are my greatest achievement and that will never change. They fill up my days with laughter, messes, and love.

Taken by Sara Jane Rickett

I am also happy to have married young. What better way to spend a life? I was 23 and my husband was 39 when we said, “I do.” It was such a beautiful day, and with it being both our first and only marriage-even more meaningful. God created this man for me; he even made sure he waited until we found each other. I know that I have someone that will help pick me up on bad days. I have someone that will help build a life together. We aren’t building two separate lives then trying to combine them; we are building one life around God and our family. Knowing that my husband is always here is the bright point of my day. He is always telling me to do what my heart tells me, and thankfully a constant reminder that everything will work out. I love knowing that one day I will be able to tell my children the many stories of our life with them in it. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything, in fact I am able to achieve more with him in my life.

While my path, may not be for everyone, it is right for some. Some people want to have the career, the travels, and everything before they “settle” down. THAT IS OKAY! But don’t think that those who choose family life are making a mistake. You only have one short life. Live it.


  1. I laugh sometimes about an old memory (I'm 43 and a mom of 6 children that range from 19 years to 18 months). I was 23, married, and *quite* pregnant, taking the bus somewhere. An old lady looked at me in disgust as she got off the bus and said, "Imagine, getting yourself in that condition at your age!" Wasn't that quite the hairflip. I nearly died laughing.

    People can be silly. My mother had me when she was 17 and I was an "old" mom of 23. I do look at young moms sometimes and say "You look so YOUNG!" but it's not an insult!

    There are plenty of benefits to having your children young. :)

  2. People are extremely silly! I love that I had mine younger! My stepmom blessed me with a sister two years ago. She was 40 and that was her first child so she's on the opposite side where people say silly things because of how "old" she was. But she was told she couldn't have children for a long time. Then it just happened ! Miracles! But it does make for fun looks when we are all out. My kids are 4, and 1 and then my sister at 2. People usually ask me about my "twins" ha! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I was 26 when we had our first and still got comments on how I was too young to be having kids.
    Ten years later here I am with 4 wonderful blessings! Love your blog theme!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how people want you to be almost forty now before having children or something. Lol. Thank you so much for the compliment :) I love your blog by the way and happy I have found it. It's rare to find daddy blogs and I think yours is wonderful :)

  5. My mother in-law was in her 40's when she had my wife's little sister and it's funny how she got the same type of comments from the other end of the spectrum :) Thank you for the compliments as well! If you'd like to guest blog about parenting anytime just let me know!

  6. How funny my step mom just had my little sister two years ago ( she was 40, but don't let her know I told you ha) I will certainly be in contact about it for sure! Thank you!!

  7. I too get the your how old?! I am 27 years old now and most people stare at my id for hours. One bartender even told me I had a really good fake. Seriously dude. I too hope that I will love this when I get older but for now... It's getting old.

  8. Yes! I completely agree with it's getting old and fast! Haha but once we are 40 we will love it!!!

  9. Deanna,
    I LOVE your story. I agree with it completely and I myself have the same comments from people. You learn to embrace it eventually. I still get that I look half my age even though I feel twice my age sometimes. LOL.
    ~ Via Bella Blog


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