Thankful Thursdays

February 18, 2016

Hello, lovelies. I hope that your week has been great, and that the next two days will be fantastic as well. I wanted to start a weekly thankful day. Many times we are so caught up in life, or so busy with the “what we don’t have’s” that we don’t take the time away that we need to just be thankful for the things that we do have.

So what is this little owl thankful for today?
My house. I don’t live in a mansion; I don’t even live in a house. I live in a three bedroom, too bath, 80-foot long trailer. Sorry if I’m crushing your dreams of the home I live in. It’s nothing fancy, its big enough for my small family, and we love it.

I’m thankful for my home, because it’s something so many don’t have. There are many people who would jump at the chance to own the home that we have. They would love to be able to call somewhere home, or not have to worry about where they will go to sleep. It’s something that many take for granted, and I refuse to be that way.

I have brought both of my children home to this house. I have watched many of their first in this house. They have filled the hallways with love and laughter. I can hear them running (or crawling) through as they chase each other, and my heart fills with joy. It’s the first place that they said the words momma. It’s also the only home, my husband and I have shared. It has all of our memories, of when he used to come down and fix things for me back when we were just friends. The memories of a busted pipe, and him my handsome knight in shining armor coming help me are all at this house.

This house is paid off. That’s a super huge plus plus, am I right? But best thing about this house, is that it keeps the wind and rain from off my head. It keeps me warm in the winter and cool, as cool as you can be for these crazy Arkansas summers. It is often full of the many things we are blessed to have that we are far from being clutter free. Our home is small and often we are all in the same way, but thats the way I want our family to be, no matter the size. I want us to know what the other one is up too, I want us to be able to enjoy time with each other, and I want us to be able to rely on each other.

Sure, one day I want a new house. Probably another trailer, I’m fine with that. But either way, yes I want something “new” one day. Hopefully in about five years, after B’s truck is paid off. But right now as I look around this house that’s full of many toys, many messes, and many memories of love, I’m thankful for the home that I have now.

What are you thankful for today? Let me know!


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