30 Day Blogging Challenge-Day 2

March 2, 2016

Well hello there! I’m so glad that you are joining me on Day 2 of this blogging challenge! Today is 20 facts about me. Some of these will be repeats, but that’s okay too.
  1. I am 25 years old
  2. My husband is 16 years older then me
  3. We share 2 children together
  4. I love chocolate gravy
  5. My mother named me “DeAnna” which was supposed to be pronounced “De-Ah-na” but my adorable grandpa didn’t like it and insisted on calling me “De-an-na” and it stuck. But I would have loved to be called the original form, and if I ever get famous (pause for laughter) I will use that pronunciation.
  6. I graduated with an associate’s degree in 2012.
  7. I used to have a huge obsession with dyeing my hair fun and vibrant colors.
  8. I have a Toyota Camry that I have drove for almost 5  years and love it.
  9. I am super self conscious
  10. I have 7 tattoos.
  11. I have a two year old little sister
  12. I have only worked three jobs in my life. I worked at Taco Bell for one summer. A college for five years. And a property management for a little over two years.
  13. I dislike change.
  14. I love to collect coffee cups, but rarely drink coffee
  15. I adore rainy and windy days.
  16. I cloth diapered.
  17. Oh! And I’m a lover of all things baby wearing.
  18. I love bright colors, but only feel comfortable wearing dark colors.
  19. I have two “little” (both in their early twenties) brothers.
  20. My favorite flower is Lilly.

Want to play along? Give me a few facts about yourself! I would love to get to know my readers more!

Love & Laughter

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