Cesarean Awareness Month: Guest Stories Part One

April 18, 2016

It's April and if you don't know along with being the Autism Awareness Month , and I'm sure a lot more.. It is also Cesarean Awareness Month, or simply put c-section month. Now if you have read my about me or have been a follower of The Outnumbered Nest for a while, you know that I have had two births and both were by cesarean.  You can read about my birth's Monkey's Cesarean Birth Story & Buggy's Cesarean Birth Story. This post is fixing to be a two part series of other momma's sharing their stories. Stories that need to be told, stories that can no longer just sit in the dark.

1 in 3 moms have cesarean's (stats thanks to I Can) and there still seems to be somewhat of a "stigma" behind them. We mother's are hard enough on our selfs about the fact that we feel our bodies didn't do what they should have. But to have groups tell you that you didn't have a "real birth" or that you "took the easy way out", is awful. Truthfully it doesn't matter how the children came into this world, at the end of the day that came from our bodies too.

Here are some momma's that have been nice enough to send me their stories. 

Picture used with permission from Monica Seagrave
"I had a c section in August last year. My OBGYN kept telling me it would be likely that I would have one, but despite her efforts to convince me and even asking me to schedule a c-section I remained positive and hopeful that I could deliver the way God intended. I went through 20 something hours of labor and made it to 9 centimeters before they told me that I had developed a fever and the baby was too stressed to continue. Her tiny heart couldn't handle the stress anymore, so they wheeled me back for an emergency c section. Everything went great! Recovery wasn't at all like the horror stories I had been told and my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is happy, healthy, and full of life! We love her and though the process in which she was born will always be remembered, it has very little significance compared to the memory of seeing her for the very first time." -Monica Seagrave

"We were completely dumbfounded when our fill in doc brought up a cesarean delivery for our second child. We had been seeing our primary OB for the entire pregnancy up until the last 4 weeks because she was out due to her own delivery. So the fill in was actually the same doc who had ended up delivering our first. We had had a rough delivery that time and he said that from all the estimates and how the first had gone, it would be safest to deliver this time by cesarean. I was nauseated and so scared. The thought of surgery hadn't even occurred to me. We ended up having the c-section and it was clear that this had been the right choice because baby 2 ended up being larger all the way around than baby 1. Recovery was awful; it took me until after our third child was born (vbac) for my body to feel normal again. I finally no longer feel disappointed in myself for "failing" and having surgery. My scar is now just another badge of honor and commitment to my children." -Brad & Riley Gift

Used with Permission
 "I went in to be induced only because my partner had to fly out to Vegas the following day. I was prepared for a natural birth. After getting all hooked up my body began to feel off. Suddenly my blood pressure was in the toilet. I had 3 different medications to raise it and it dropped and dropped. My OBGYN told me we were not waiting and hoping for the best we were getting my daughter out now... apparently something went on with her and the next thing I know everyone was RUNNING. Nurses, the doctor, my partner... all I could do was cry. I didn't want a c-section, however it was for my daughters safety but all I could think was why won't my body work right..I recall being terrified and the nurses rushing and strapping me down. I know everyone was talking to me and trying to calm me down...but my blood pressure was down and I was scared so I don't have any idea anything they said!!  After my c-section I just hurt, but I had a beautiful SAFE little girl in my arms. I felt sad I didn't get the natural pushing moments... but I can live without that knowing I did what was best for my mini.I feel it was handled in the correct way. Yes I was confused on what was going on at times... however, I chose a doctor I fully trusted. My entire pregnancy she never treated me like ANOTHER pregnant person. She listened to EVERYTHING i ever said. She never put me in a group of other moms or assumed she already knew. She asked questions and took my answers into consideration ...I was an individual and my situation was mine...I think that helped the most. I valued her opinion so much I knew she would take care of me and my baby." - Jessica Sullens (Also wants others to feel free to reach out to her, if you feel alone or just need advice or help.) 

How beautiful are these stories! Every time I read a birth story, I still remember my own beautiful children coming into this world. Do you have a cesarean birth story you want shared? Contact me!

Thank you!

Make sure that you come back next week, for the next installment of this series. 

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