Cesarean Awareness Month: Guest Stories Part Two

April 25, 2016

As a continuation of last week's post and birth stories, here are some more of the beautiful Cesareans, these momma's went through. 

"In February of 2014 I found out that I was having a c-section because my uterus was shaped like a heart, so my son wouldn't turn so that I can have him naturally. I was absolutely terrified when I got into the hospital to have hi! My water broke at home and the nurse had to stick my veins five times ,and blew them, before she had gotten my IV in.  I had a wonderful anesthesiologist and my nurses were amazing helping me stay calm and excited about my baby.  I went in to the room and I got to do chest to chest in the hospital with my son, after he was born. I was one of those moms who wanted to do the all natural and wanted to breast-feed my baby and I found out that instead I didn't get to breast-feed either. I had to bottle-feed my son. He's now two years old and he is full of spit fire and just a wonderful healthy little boy. Just a few short months later after having him we found out that we were having another little boy , it scared my doctor and me. He certainly wasn't planned but what an amazing blessing he has been in our life. He was more of a challenge in my pregnancy and we also had to do a C-section. I didn't have a choice in either of the decisions but to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. I went in and had him, my water didn't break so the amniotic fluid didn't get pushed out of his lungs when he came out he couldn't breathe. I didn't get to see my son they took him immediately to the intensive care and we spent the first three months with him in the NICU. I also didn't get to do skin to skin or breast-feed my baby. Breast-feeding became extremely difficult for me with the cesarean section's but it is equally just as wonderful giving birth to them this way as it is for the moms that have the pleasure of doing it naturally. I have found that often times we don't have the choice when we have a C-section because often times it's done that way so that it is safer for the baby and the mom and that was the case for me and now my sons are one and two they are full of life happy and healthy boys. I think it's wonderful that I got the pleasure to have a surgery and put my body at risk so that my boys could have a life." - Amanda Badgett

"I had an emergency c-section due to having pre-eclampsia. I was rushed to the Dr the day I was diagnosed. It was such a scary time for me as my grandma had just left the day before to go to arkansas. I was in the hospital for a few days. When all of a sudden her heart rate dropped and I was retaining to much water and protein. They rushed me into surgery. I remember being really fuzzy cause of the morphine. We rushed through the doors. I started looking around the room. There was music on. It was okay, I wasn't so nervous. Dr told me he was going to start the procedure and he walked me through everything. Including how it would feel like elephants jumping on my stomach, as he's getting all the fluids out. Seeing my daughter for the first time was the most beautiful moment of my life. Welcome to my life by simple plan was on and then I cried and passed out. I honestly can't say that I would choose c-section over natural birth. I feel I missed a huge part of my pregnancy by having her early and by c-section. However I love the experience I had with my daughter." - Jer Howko

"I went in for an induction 2 days after my due date, I arrived @ 8pm on 3/29/15. I laid in bed thru the night and most of the next day, the next evening around 7:45 my hubs n Dr were talking and every time they gave me the medicines to further my labor, Jace's heart rate would drop considerably. I asked for a little more time to try and have another vaginal birth. Around 8 I started having severe back labor and Jace's heart rate was staying low so I told my hubs I gave up and to go ahead with the cesarean. I was wheeeled quickly to the OR. If I had to do it all over again I would have gone ahead and not waited for the cesarean. I did not like being tied down or shaking so bad as I was but I wouldn't trade anything for the birth of my son at 8:53 PM on March 30, 2015." - Bethany Overton

Birth is such an intense, beautiful, painful experience but in the end from every birth story I have heard there is one thing in common. It doesn't matter if had the birth plan you wanted, had a scheduled c-section, non medicated vaginal birth or any of the other options; all that matters is the beautiful baby that was laid in your arms at the end of it all!


  1. This is a great example that no pregnancy is identical. As you rightly point out, sometimes a well-thought out plan evolves into "the best" opportunity. And "the best" part about delivery, no matter how it goes, is your beautiful baby!


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