Tips To A Less Stressed Holiday

December 19, 2016

I come from a very large family. This year alone we have six, yes six Christmas. And if you are interested, that is just intermediate family (literally just parents and grandparents celebrations). So with that said we are ALWAYS very busy during the holidays.

So how do I maintain a stress-free holiday season? I don’t. Just kidding, I have gotten a lot better at not stressing as the years have come and gone.  It’s always a little stressful, not matter what but here are a few ideas that might help you out.

Plan: Plan ahead. Get with everyone in your family, tell them your situation and what you can and cannot accomplish during the holidays. Be honest. Don’t expect them to completely reorganize their schedule for you, but I bet they will appreciate the heads up and try to work a schedule that is good for you. While we are on the topic of planning, go ahead and cut out some work and plan you and your family’s outfits. Go ahead and get everything cleaned and ready and if you can go ahead and put it away so you can just grab it, iron it, and head on out when it is time.

Pray: I don’t just mean the “please let us get there on time” prayer. I mean to honestly pray, tell the Lord you are stressed out and need help controlling your emotions. Pray for the silliest of things, remember he wants to be a friend we can “vent” to and call on when we need help up.

Realize You Aren’t A Miracle Worker: You are human. You aren’t going to be able to make every appointment, every time. You will wake up late, you will forget things, and you will get angry over it. It’s okay! Take a 5-minute breather and go back at it again. You can’t make everyone happy, and that is perfectly okay too.

Learn To Laugh: If you think the rest of this is nothing more than silliness, than please pay attention to this part! There is nothing worse than an unhappy mama! However, as a mama, your going to have to learn to laugh, even at yourself. Stuff is going to happen, the kid is going to poop out of his pants as you walk through the door or he is going to throw food all over his brand new outfit. Try to find the humor in this day and keep on going.

I sure hope this helps you out. What are some of your lessons you have learned to help you get through the holidays without being super stressed? Let me know below!


  1. Love the "you aren't a miracle worker" and "learn to laugh" tips! Amen sister! Definitely need to remember both of these! thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Chloe for stopping by! Yes, those are usually the hardest two tips I have to remember to :D

  2. Great wisdom and advice! It's true about being honest and communicating. I always tell my family to talk to the aunts uncles siblings etc and come up with a plan. That way everyone is on the same page. And I also am totally honest about where I'm at financially and what I can and can't do. That is a big help. Thank you for sharing this! God Bless ����

  3. I think what you said sums it up! I just learned to let it go. I used to stress about the holidays but now I've decided I'm not showering anyone in presents (Including my children), I don't care if they believe in Santa and it'll all be fine! LOL Merry Christmas!

  4. Every year I plan to plan ahead. I started making notes for myself on sticky notes and putting them in the October and November section of my new year's planner. It helped so much this year!

  5. I feel SO blessed that we only have 2 separate Christmas get togethers to attend and both sides of our families are great about organizing around each other. I'm beyond thankful. Like you said though I was WAY more stressed in the beginning, as time has passed and I found my groove more it has become less stressful and I've become more go-with-the-flow. These tips are on point!

  6. awesome tips! I totally agree with planning ahead and I think making gifts and giving gifts of food are great too :)

  7. I feel like this year I did a little better than previous years in the Holiday stress department but I still have a ways to go. I need to be better about planning waaaaay ahead of time.


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