Weight Loss Journey & Life Update

February 16, 2018

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Where have I been?
What have I been doing?
Let me tell you all about it.....

I guess you could tell I took a bit of a break from here for much longer than even I expected. I needed to focus on myself (refer to here to learn more about taking time for yourself).

So let me get right down to it.

In August of 2017 my husband and I went on a glorious trip to New Orleans. I loved every moment of it. However, when I got home I realized that I did love the photos that had been taken of me. I wondered when I had gained so much weight without realizing it. I had ignored the signs and continued on as I had for years. I was without energy and honestly, I just wasn't healthy. My weight at the doctor's office that next October was 221. I knew I had been around the 200 mark but I never thought I had reached to over 220. But I had. I knew something had to change.

A friend of mine,Keto_Chola, started on a Keto Journey and I monitored her progress. I loved what she was doing. She was such an inspiration and I started taking note of what I ate. Which was a huge amount of carbs. I thought this is the diet I need to try. I became friends with someone else who had been on the diet and thankfully to V she said she would be my accountability partner.

So without telling anyone (except V) I started it. Every day, every meal I would check in with V and make sure it was keto appropriate and input it into my Carb Manager app.

The first week, I lost a total of 5 pounds and could see the difference. So I decided to keep going.  Little by little I got the hang of it.

I decided to keep going.

I have now been on Keto (with a few cheat days I'll be honest) for a little over two months. I have lost 38 lbs and a whole lot of inches. I  finally have the courage to go to the gym, even though I know I look lost I'm trying. I have enough energy to play with my children (one who is currently sitting on my lap as I type this). I am finding clothes fun again.
Trying on a pair of pants that fit the beginning of December 2017. 

So I write this to say I will start writing more on my weight loss journey but this isn't the end of my good news.

I am also going through training to be a Certified Life Coach. I currently am certified as a Life Purpose Coach through Transformation Academy. I absolutely love that I have accomplished this for myself. I am working on a program now to help everyone live a more positive and purpose filled life. I can't wait for you to join me on this journey and I can't wait to help you start yours!


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